About Woody's Hardwood Flooring 

About Woody's Hardwood Flooring 


Woody’s Hardwood Flooring Ltd was started in 1994 and is very experienced in the process of installation, sanding, and finishing of hardwood floors.


Woody’s grew to include multiple install, sanding and finishing crews, and Woody’s continues to employee, install, sanding and finishing crews at any given time of the year.

Woody’s never invented hardwood flooring, but we have truly perfected and mastered the way a hardwood floor is installed and finished.


Woody’s has perfected it’s own techniques and ways of doing hardwood floors over the past 25
years that has truly set us apart from our competition.


Manufacturers of Engineered Wide Plank Flooring

Woodys is the only engineered wood floor manufacturer in Western Canada that makes and UV finishes our own hardwood flooring in our state of the art factory in Kelowna BC.

We believe that controlling our own manufacturing of wood flooring, gives our customers a huge advantage of having a top quality floor custom made for each customer with their own stain colour for their home.

At Woodys, we don’t buy from the factory, we “are” the factory.


The True Hardwood Flooring Experts


Our  “dustless sanding” vacuum system is truly the best way of sanding a hardwood floor, leaving no dust in your home.

Woody’s was started as a true wood flooring company (installing, sanding, and finishing of wood floors) not getting involved in anything other than real, natural wood products. And to this day, Woody’s continues to be an industry leader in real wood floors.


Woody’s has an extensive list of jobs that have been completed in all of western Canada. Woody’s is now sanding and re-finishing floors that we install more than 20 years ago.

Woody’s Hardwood Flooring was started in 1994 and grew to be the largest wood flooring contractor in the Calgary area -- servicing over 276 builders and most general contractors in the Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC areas.


Woody’s grew to more than three dozen crews doing wood floors and had its own transport truck hauling wood directly from the manufacturing plants in Quebec and Ontario to our warehouse in Calgary.

From there, we dispatched our crews to residential and commercial projects where ever they were being done in Saskatchewan, Alberta or BC.

In more resent times Woody’s has moved its operations to the Kelowna area and taken a smaller approach as far as its size and volume of projects.


A Canadian Grown Business

Family Owned and Operated

Woody’s continues to be a leading force in the
wood flooring industry with a reputation and name that other flooring companies only envy of. The owners are still involved in estimating and daily operations of Woody’s Hardwood Flooring.


A family member that worked with the start-up of Woody’s in 1994 and left the company in 2000 to move to Salt Lake city Utah to start his own Woody’s Hardwood Flooring. These companies are not connected, but we are happy to have them share our same name.


Our experience covers everything in the wood flooring business. We have a very extensive list of projects and jobs we have completed.


Some of them are:
- Gymnasiums
- Sports floors
- Dance floors
- Retail stores
- Commercial and office buildings
- Residential homes
- Water damaged floors


The list of completed jobs and projects Woody’s has completed is just to large to print.


Woody's Does It All

Woody's Guarantees Excellence

Woody’s is proud to be able to have the experience to work with each customer in design, selection, and budget at the customer's own home. And then to be able to back up our promise with the best product, quality craftsmanship, and state of the art equipment to get the job done perfectly.


That’s what Woody’s strives for on every job, no matter the size or the challenge of each project. If there is one thing that Woody’s is known mostly for is our “dustless” sanding system. All our sanding systems have vacuums that suck the dust straight from the sanding equipment to the vacuum, this leaves absolutely no dust in the customer's home.


Our vacuum systems were a huge investment, but it has definitely set Woody’s strides ahead of any of our competitors.


Receive a Free In-Home Estimate

Woody’s understands the investment a hardwood floor will bring to the value of your home, therefore, making sure its done right is our number one priority.