Wide Plank Flooring

Pre-Finished Wide Plank

Woodys is the manufacturer of pre-finished wood flooring
with our “UV OIL” pre-finishing manufacturing facility right
here in western Canada.


This not only gives Woodys a huge advantage over our
competitors, but it is very rewarding for the home owner
when they can order the kind of hardwood they want, as well as the wood texture, the stain colour, the sheen level and the width of wide plank they require.


UV OIL truly is the leader in UV floor finishes and we are proud to be using it on all our pre-finished hardwood flooring.

We Are The Manufacturers

Flooring orders can all be accomplished in a very short time
frame because of the fact that we are the manufacturer.


Our engineered hardwood flooring comes in multiple widths
and two different thicknesses of wood.
Woodys has 9/16 or 3/4 inch wood thicknesses.

Woodys also has 3 different wear layers on our engineered flooring.

2 mil - which cannot be re-sanded and finished, but only
buffed and coated years down the road if required.
4 mil - which can be re-sanded and finished only 1 time when
6 mil - which can be re-sanded and finished at least 2 times.

Woody's Wide Plank

Woody's caries a lot of different kinds of wood flooring with
white oak being the most popular at this time, but Woody's
also stocks Hickory and Walnut.


Woody's offers multiple different widths of wide plank from 4 inches, all the way up to 16 inches wide.


Woody's wide plank flooring length is a industry standard of just under 8 feet long, but can also custom make wide plank flooring any length up to 12 feet long as required by the customer.

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Woody’s understands the investment a hardwood floor will bring in the value of your home, so making sure its done right is our priority.