With Woody's having its own UV pre-finished manufacturing facility right here in British Columbia, it gives multiple advantages for our customers that want a “real wood” floor in their home.


We are able to manufacture and finish exactly what each customer requires for their project. Woody's has the expertise and ability to match any stain colour on any hardwood floor.


Woody's uses “ UV OIL” finish on all our pre-finished wood that comes out of our manufacturing facility.


Having the control over our own pre-finishing plant gives Woody's the advantage to give customers a stain sample of what they are looking for, and then, the ability to have the product produced in a short amount of time.

Site Finished

Woody's can supply, install, sand, and finish any hardwood floor in your home. We call it the conventional way, and it is still popular to some customers.


This was a very popular way to do hardwood flooring before pre-finished was perfected and factory produced.

The advantage to a "site done" floor is there is no V groove between each board. The wood floor is sanded smooth on site with the finish applied over the entire floor.


Woody's has it own fabrication shop for making all components that go with doing a hardwood floor. We have stair treads, nosings and reducers all done with the same stain and finish as the flooring that was selected


Woody's has it own cleaner that is sold at any Woody's location. We like to think it’s the best cleaner on the market!


The cleaner is made from a citrus base formula that is 100% environmental friendly. Woodys' cleaner leaves no oils or streaks on the floor, and it evaporates fast leaving no wet marks.

Woodys has decorative parquet flooring for custom inlays or boarders in your home!


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Woody’s understands the investment a hardwood floor will bring in the value of your home, so making sure its done right is our priority.